What are Eco friendly diamonds

Eco Friendly Diamonds are synthetic diamonds (also known as cultured diamonds, or cultivated diamonds). They are  produced in a laboratory environment through a simulated process as opposed to natural diamonds, which are formed by geological conditions and processes. These Eco Friendly  diamonds are made from the same materials as natural diamonds (pure carbon crystallized in an isotropic 3D form).  

Almost Indistinguishable from natural diamonds 

Eco Friendly Diamonds have the same atomic property as natural diamonds and so they  exhibit  similar optical and chemical properties.  Natural diamonds are mined from the very deep core of earth and the mining and extractions process results in ecological damage to the environment. To create a diamond in the laboratory, a tiny particle from an existing diamond is used. The advanced technology involving the application of extreme pressure and heat, mimics the condition under the earth's core and enables the formation of diamonds out of carbon particles. Chemical reactions with different minerals account for the different colors in the resulting diamonds. These colored diamonds have their own charm and are quite popular amongst jewelers and consumers alike. Due to thier similarity in structure with natural diamonds, it is extremely difficult to distinguish Eco Friendly Diamonds from its natural counterpart. Only special equipment can distinguish between the our Eco friendly diamonds and natural diamonds.  

Cheaper than the real diamonds 

Eco friendly diamonds are currently available in many variety of colors and shapes. These man-made diamonds are also available in rare colors like vivid fancy yellow. Fancy colored and white Eco Friendly diamonds sell at much lower rates than natural diamonds. That is why they are in such a high  demand from reputed jewelers all the time.